Balloon Car Loan

Balloon Car Loan by Speed Credit

Balloon Scheme Car Loan in Singapore has been getting more and more popular. To cater such need, we now provide balloon scheme car loan that is perfect to those car buyers who wish to borrow a significant amount of money with low monthly repayments at the shortest possible time.

As compared to regular bank auto loans, you get to start off with small amounts of payment and lowest possible monthly instalments.

Contact us at +65 6444 4400 for any inquiries regarding the balloon scheme car loan. Alternatively, you can call Hui Ying / Ming Xi at +65 9851 8281 for a personalised service.

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Eligibility Criteria For Ballon Car Loan Scheme

  • Maximum loan amount is 90% of the Purchase Price.
  • Applicable to vehicles registered from 2003-2008 only.

Car Loan Rates For Used Cars

  • Rates start from 2.98%.