COVID-19 Advisory

COVID-19 Advisory from Speed Credit, Ace Drive & Cars & Stars

In light of the evolving situation on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), and with all our employees and guests (customers, partners and other visitors) at the top of our minds, we have stepped up and implemented preventive and precautionary measures across our showroom and office premises at Ace Drive, Cars & Stars and Speed Credit. 

These measures include:

Temperature Screening
All our employees and guests are subject to temperature screening.

For employees:

  • Temperature screening is mandatory and will be done twice a day: (1) every morning at our designated counters before entering our office premises and (2) after lunch.
  • Temperature screening logs and/or records are maintained on a daily basis.
  • If the temperature reflects 37.7°C or above, the individual will not be permitted to work and will be asked to seek medical care and get a doctor’s clearance before getting back to work.

For guests (customers, partners and other visitors):

  • Temperature screening is mandatory, this will be done by our counter staff.
    • Should the temperature fall between 37.5°C – 37.6°C, the guest will be provided with water, a mask and have them wait outside the premises for 5 minutes – once the required waiting time is up, we’ll screen their temperature again.
    • Should the temperature remain the same or appear higher, we’ll encourage the guest to seek medical care promptly and/or refer them to the nearest clinic or hospital.
    • For those who’d refuse to have their temperature screened, we regret to inform that we’ll be unable to attend, serve or assist them further. 
  • A registration list of all guests will be maintained at our designated counters.

Increased Frequency in Cleaning and Disinfecting High Contact Areas & Car Displays
High contact areas, such as the below, are cleaned and disinfected more frequently using disinfectants or cleaning products which were identified by NEA as effective against COVID-19.

  • car displays (steering wheel, gear shift, cup holders, dashboard and other controls, seats and seat belts, exterior door handles, windows, keys, etc.)
  • door knobs and handles
  • glass panels and doors
  • handrails (staircase)
  • counter tops (front desk / receiving counters)
  • chairs, tables and other furniture
  • other appliances (water dispenser, microwave, coffee maker, mini refrigerator) 
  • toilets
  • carpets
  • refuse bins

High Standards of Personal Hygiene
All our employees are advised to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, including but not limited to:

  • Washing hands with soap and water before and after meals, after handling dirty items or touching high contact surfaces, and after visiting the toilet.
  • Usage of masks (currently voluntary but mandatory to those who passed the temperature screening but felt unwell during the day).
  • Refrain from touching their exposed body parts such as eyes, nose, face, and arms with soiled gloves or unwashed hands.
  • Cover their mouths with tissue paper when coughing or sneezing with immediate disposal of soiled tissue paper in the rubbish bin. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water upon tissue paper disposal is recommended.
  • Practise good toilet habits (e.g. flush toilets after use, proper disposal of tissue paper, etc.)

Constant Updates and Communication Related to COVID-19
All employees constantly receive COVID-19 news and updates via WhatsApp, along with some reminders and advice related to the information relayed.

Other Business Continuity Plans

  • Reshuffling of workplaces (with further or greater distance) as well as division of workforce on Levels 1 and Level 5.
  • Employees shall remain at their designated workstations, any interactions between their fellow department colleagues will be done through phone/email.
  • Keeping distance from each other, especially in crowded areas (e.g. public transportation, hawkers, etc.)
  • Eating alone in their designated workstation & properly sanitising after a meal.

Everyone’s health and well-being are of paramount importance to us. Thank you for your patience as we work together with you to make our showroom and office premises safe for us all.